Division: Technical
Location: Bahrain - Head Quarter
Department: Technical Cabin
Closing Date: 23-Aug-2023
Main Objectives:
To carry out upholstery tasks as designated by the Technical cabin duty manager/ Technical cabin engineers to an acceptable standard of workmanship, and in accordance with aircraft approved documents.
Main Objectives:
1. Work under the direction of Technical cabin duty manager and / or Cabin Engineers to carry out Cabin Maintenance upholstery routine tasks and non-routine tasks on the aircraft as well as in Technical Cabin Workshop.
2. Make, restore, and/or create custom upholsterey , using hand tools and machine tools designed for fabric / leather/Carpets/Curtains.
3. Attach fasteners, grommets, buttons, buckles, ornamental trim, and other accessories to covers / upholstery using hand tools and machine tools designed for fabric / leather/Curtains.
4. Adjust or replace webbing, padding, and/or springs, and secure them in place.
5. Sew rips or tears in material, or create tufting, using needles and thread.
6. Operate sewing machines or sew upholstery by hand to seam cushions and join various sections of covering material.
7. Measure and cut new covering materials, using patterns and measuring and cutting instruments, following sketches and design specifications.
8. Draw cutting lines on material following patterns, templates, sketches, or blueprints, using chalk, pencils, paint, or other methods.
9. Attach bindings or apply solutions to edges of cut material to prevent raveling.
10. Read work orders, and apply knowledge and experience with materials in order to determine types and amounts of materials required to cover workpieces.
11. Adhere and comply with aircraft approved maintenance documents procedures when performing any maintenance activities and acquaint self with all the safety related precautions.
12. Monitor and make sure that task tools, supporting equipments and facilities are properly maintained in a serviceable and tidy condition.
• Minimum 5 years’ experience as an industrial tailor/upholsterer with at least 02 years’ aviation experience preferred.

• Able to interpret and use precision instruments.

• Professional knowledge in lay-out reading / blue print reading and drawing- template reading.

• Aware of the general safety and health requirements to be followed during work, like MSDS/MTDS and use of PPE (Personnel Protection Equipment’s).
• At least to the level of High School.

• Must be able to read, write and understand English.

• Ability to read and interpret documents such as safety rules, operating and maintenance instructions, and procedure manuals. Ability to perform routine task related documentation and correspondence.

• Basic Knowledge of computers (Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel)

Note: you will be required to attach the following:
1. Resume / CV
2. Copy of proof qualification
3. Passport copy