Division: Operations
Location: Thailand - Bangkok
Department: Security
Closing Date: 05-Aug-2023
• Implementation of Gulf Air security measures and procedures at outstation.
• Implementation of Gulf Air security measures for Cargo Security.
• Ensure compliance with Gulf Air and ICAO/IATA/EU/UK Cargo and Mail security measures and requirements.
• Undertake routine aviation security based at the respective outstation as required.
• Undertake secondary security checks, checks of Hold Baggage Reconciliation and other security tasks as determined by GF Security Management on a required basis.

1. Ensure that any items loaded on board GF aircraft baggage, cargo, mail, courier, catering, supplies are loaded only after ensuring that they have been screened and protected from illegal interference from the time of its acceptance until its loaded in the aircraft.

2. Monitor excess baggage re-conciliation, and the security of loaded hold baggage whilst Aircraft on the ground.

3. Monitor security performance of ground handling agent and take immediate corrective action and report if standards fall below acceptable level.

4. Ensure access control to Aircraft and surrounded areas are protected from unlawful interference by the inspection of Airport passes.

5. Conduct random security inspections of airport cargo warehouses, catering units (if its available) to ensure that all areas are secure.

6. Respond to major security incidents affecting entire GF operations.

7. Ensure that the aviation security requirements specified in the GF Security Programme Manual are complied with in respect of unauthorised access to GF aircraft.

8. Other Avsec tasks as determined by GF Security Management.

9. Conduct random security inspections of cargo and mail parked at aircraft side or on the ramp to ensure they are fully protected from illegal interference at all time.

10. Ensure Cargo and Mail security declaration documents (CSD) are examined and monitored for full compliance.

11. Ensure that the CSD label accompanies all shipments, that indicates the shipment has been screened by the RA3 or ACC3 facilities and the required compliance procedures have been applied.

12. Report damaged, missing, tampered shipments or mails and provide necessary reports to GF Security Department for further investigation.


3 to 5 years experience in police, military or civilian security experience, preferably in an aviation environment.
The candidate MUST satisfactorily complete:
The mandatory pre-employment background security checks.
The Local Airport ID Badge application process.
A Basic Aviation Security Awareness Training Course.


OND or equivalent
Note: you will be required to attach the following:
1. Resume / CV
2. Passport-size photograph
3. Highest education certificate
4. Passport Copy