Division: Technical
Location: Bahrain - Head Quarter
Department: Technical Planning & Materials
Closing Date: 27-Apr-2023
Main Objectives:
Support the respective Long/Short Term Planning Manager with the control of maintenance on all Gulf Air aircraft to comply with the intervals specified within the approved Aircraft Maintenance Programme, and controlling airworthiness management system, while planning to accomplish such checks and tasks at the optimised highest levels of aircraft safety and maintenance costs. To ensure that all of the operators maintenance records and continued airworthiness control systems are both complete and accurate, and fully satisfies the applicable National airworthiness authorities regulations.
• Responsible for detailed and accurate analysis, forecasting and planning of current and future maintenance requirements.
• Monitor and call up ALL LONG term maintenance checks which are mandatory to ensure compliance with the BCAA maintenance requirements and whose omission would prejudice aircraft safety.
• Responsible for MAINTENANCE assignment and ensure correct place at correct time for maintenance whilst minimizing any line delays which occur.
• Liaise on detailed basis within the IOCC with both the GULF TECH (DPE) AND maintenance control centre.
• Coordinate in analyzing maintenance forecast of time-limited requirement for assigned aircraft or power plants and review maintenance requirements generated by other departments like ENGINEERING.
• Provide input as to routing of specific aircraft into maintenance for scheduled maintenance.
Main Duties:
1. Control assigned aspects of the Gulf Air fleet maintenance planning medium/long term/out of phase tasks).
2. Schedule the maintenance and operating patterns for all aircraft and issues supporting instruction and information to all concerned i.e. IOCC, MCC and including base and line maintenance .
3. Monitor aircraft operational pattern and assess the effect on planned maintenance inputs of changes as they occur including the impact of AOG situations.
4. Assess the impact on planned maintenance changes from effects of the operational pattern of the airline and reschedule accordingly to ensure compliance of the planned maintenance does not overrun.
5. Ensure timely dispatch of information with regard to aircraft serviceability during hangar inputs or changes to the planned aircraft input and maintenance planning.
6. Coordinate recovery in the event of aircraft incidents/accidents in accordance with the Gulf Air technical instructions manual (TIM).
7. Monitor aircraft flying hours and cycles for statutory and recharge purposes.
8. Ensure that all assigned maintenance tasks and checks are accomplished within the established intervals, and never exceed intervals, as specified within the approved Gulf Air Aircraft Maintenance Programmes.
9. Ensure that all assigned controlled tasks, life limitations and airworthiness DIRECTIVES ISSUED as controlled by the approved AIRCRAFT INDUSTRIES called-up, accomplished and associated records updated upon completion of the same.
10. Apply best industry practice to optimise the application of the company AMP’s and the control of task planning and accomplishment.
11. Administer computer based continued airworthiness records and control system that will satisfy the Part-M, Subpart G maintenance management and control requirements.
12. Attend at all check planning and pre-input meetings, as directed by the MP&TR. Attend daily briefings with regard to operational issues impacting maintenance and aircraft disruptions.
13. Respond as instructed by the MP&TR to quality deficiencies in the Technical Services Department when they arise from both internal and external independent quality audits.
14. Special assignment, tasks and responsibility with high level of involvement in the aircraft induction and phase out , as defined by SME, , MP&TR,.
Minimum 5 to 7 years of aviation technical experience with preferable 4 years in an aircraft maintenance planning discipline. . Must be familiar with aircraft records legal requirements, storage systems and the safe keeping of such data.

Good command of Technical English.
A relevant engineering degree or an aircraft maintenance qualification with additional education acceptable to the BCAA. ‘relevant engineering degree’ means an engineering degree from aeronautical, mechanical, electrical, electronic, avionic or other studies relevant to the maintenance and continuing airworthiness of aircraft/aircraft components.
Note: you will be required to attach the following:
1. Resume / CV
2. Copy of proof qualification
3. Passport copy