Division: Commercial
Location: Bahrain - Head Quarter
Department: Commercial
Closing Date: 25-May-2023
Main Objectives:

Develop, implement and lead marketing projects and strategies through integrated programmes by studying economic indicators, track changes in supply and demand, identifying customers and their current and future needs, and monitoring the competition including market research, product/service portfolio design, customer affinity program competitor assessments, advertising, consumer promotions and marketing communications; in order to generate revenue from global markets on both online platforms and at the Worldwide Contact Center.

Main Duties:
1. Create, exercise and maintain a sound and solid Corporate Governance as per the international standards.
2. Manage the anonymous reports through ethic point and report it to the concerned individual assigned by the ITF.
3. Manage relevant external relationships and develop network of contacts within Gulf Air and regional and international organizations to facilitate the work of Gulf Air.
4. Manage the board communications with different Media Channels.
5. Manage the procedures, templates, metrics, and tools used to support the company projects and monitor the general flow of a project through a PMO starting as a candidate project then an approved project and last a close project.
6. Work with senior leadership to select the candidate projects that best align with the strategic goals of the company to ensure having a sound business case and to provide the benefit to cost ratio.
7. Monitor the company project to ensure it is properly following project process and procedures through the guides, templates, a project portfolio dashboard, and project portfolio tools to help Project Managers follow the PMO procedures.
8. Prepare all reports, replies and other correspondence with the Bahraini Parliament on all related issues concerning the business of Gulf Air in coordination with the Board and Executive Committee.
9. Direct the development/evolution of Gulf Air’s corporate image and look including changes to logo, livery, slogans and physical appearance through signage, uniforms, tickets/boarding passes and other items. Implementation and maintenance of brand policies, procedures and systems for all marketing activities.
10. Monitor consistent compliance of the brand and all elements of the brand architecture across the business through the development and delivery of product, services, presentation, and the personality and skill-set of our staff and through marketing.
11. Monitor the marketing activities and revenue earning activities and provide KPI’s to top management, on market strategy and commercial programs.
12. Monitor competitive activity with respect to products and services, including related customers offerings such as the Falcon flyer programs and memberships, so as to respond, when appropriate, through product and services changes.
13. Design product development plan and ensure that existing and new products comply with research findings and brand values and personality, are consistent with business strategy, and are competitive, cost effective and measurable.
14. Provide the innovation to create Gulf Air’s new product and product enhancements and test the acceptance of new products during their implementation.
15. Develop and implement the airlines overall advertising program, from philosophy through to concept and copy. Review, select, and engage with chosen advertising agencies and ensure that the carriers advertised image, both corporate and regional is consistent and self-enforcing.
16. Develop and implement the airline’s consumer promotions programs, both ongoing and ad hoc, so as to stimulate awareness and sales particular markets segments such as premium/corporate.
17. Implement the marketing communications program including the design, production, distribution of relevant marketing collateral such as product/services brochures, frequent flyer program literature and posters.
18. Ensure the development and coordination of the regional marketing functions in the GCC region and the Outstations to maximize revenue and enhance the company’s image.
19. Ensure that the advertising promotes the image of the company, which is consistent with the marketing strategy.
20. Prepare the marketing and guest experience annual plans and capital and operating budgets, manage, and control all marketing expenditure and staffing against these plans and budgets.
21. Generate revenue and cut costs through strategic investments and activities for the company and innovative execution of marketing campaigns.
22. Liaise with Sales and Network Division to identify the long-term marketing requirements to support the revenue targets to be achieved by the company. Guide and monitor the marketing activities towards achievement of those targets.
23. Exercise effective management of the marketing and center of excellence staff in terms of selecting, training, motivating, evaluating and disciplining subordinates in appropriate liaison with HR function.
24. Organize company conferences, trade shows, and major events to boost GF marketing in coordination with the Corporate Communications division.
25. Set the strategic direction and set priorities for the Customer Care, the Gulf Air Contact Center, Baggage Claims, Falcon flyer Programme Operations and Services teams in line with corporate objectives and business goals.
26. Lead team to provide maximum sales revenue generation by ensuring high ROI on online investments
27. Ensure revenue generations through online channels by strategic investments in optimizing online marketing activities for the company.
28. Develop strategy for integration of SEO, PPC, Affiliate Marketing, mobile marketing into the overall marketing strategy and plans to ensure cost savings and the development of a strong online presence.
• Minimum of 12 years required in marketing and digital marketing functions of an international airline or other major marketing companies with at least 5 years in senior management positions.

• Experience in successfully creating and communicating a meaningful brand identity.

• Experience in adapting core branding and copy platforms into local advertising.

• Experience in leading the marketing function in a successful airline organization focused on delivering brand services or products to consumers.

• Experience in relationship marketing including manipulation of databases and marketing information systems and applications, a sound understanding of loyalty and customer retention would be valuable.

• Experience in developing and leading a multi-dimensional corporate advertising and promotion program.

• Has a high degree of marketing mix in all key marketing competencies.

• Has a high level of creative and innovation, capable of driving the creation of new ideas and stimulating others, both with the marketing team and suppliers.

• Proven ability to manage budgets.
• Bachelor’s degree in business, marketing or related field.
• Possesses strong verbal and written communication skills and is able to articulate his/her views crisply and convincingly.
• Excellent team building and team working skills, with genuine commitment to an open, collegiate management style.
• Strong influencing skills and the ability to manage multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams.
• Skill in examining and re-engineering operations and procedures and managing innovation.
• Experience in dealing with a wide range of corporate planning and developmental co-operation both in regional and international environment.
Note: you will be required to attach the following:
1. Resume / CV
2. Copy of proof qualification
3. Passport copy