Division: Finance
Location: Pakistan - Karachi
Department: Karachi-Finance
Closing Date: 16-Apr-2023

1- To assist FM or FC to carry out all accounting functions relating to the Expenditure/Revenue area of the station.

2- In expenditure area to assist FM or FC in ensuring accurate and timely recording of expense transactions in station books of accounts

3- In revenue area to assist FM or FC in ensuring accurate and timely recording of revenue transactions in station books of accounts

4- Deputise the supervisor during leave.

5- Liaise with all department heads at HDQ when required by the supervisor.

6- Any other issues as may be assigned by the supervisor from time to time.

In most of the stations, the Account Officer is the staff directly assisting Finance Manager (FM) or Financial Controller (FC). The nature of responsibilities of Accounts Officer differs from station to station depending upon the nature of operations and local requirements at the station. Accounts Officer is expected in most cases to work in both revenue and expenditure areas.  The main duties and responsibilities are therefore defined for each area of work.

The definition of duties and responsibilities mentioned below are only indicative and are not exhaustive. The duties and responsibilities are subject to changes depending upon the changes in operations at the station, local laws and requirements of the Head Office.

1. Verify the documentation and record all expenditure Time is of an essence in registering of invoices in Accounts Payable module.
2. Liaise with concerned department heads at the station for the timely certification or approval of invoices. 
3. Generate and forward remittance advises along with checks and original invoices to the FM or FC. Ensure that the remittance advices are signed by both FM/FC and Station Head before releasing the checks to the suppliers.
4. Reimburse petty cash expenses after verification of supporting documents and applying GF policy. 
5. Prepare Disbursement Bank account reconciliation in the required format. In case of non-agreement of reconciliation, refer the matter to FM or FC for directions. 
6. Prepare reconciliation of supplier balances with the statement of account of suppliers from time to time to ensure that there are no unaccounted or disputed invoices appearing in the statement of supplier.
7. Prepare/Run Payroll for the local staff under directions from FM or FC. 
8. Prepare the station accruals after comparing the expenses recorded and prepare Journal Vouchers or GIS for posting in the accounting system.
9. Assist the FM or FC in preparing station finance budgets.

1. Ensure that all sales reports and settlements from the agents/GSA/PSA/CSA/BSP are received on time. Verify interface of ASR/ARR/BSP/GSA into EASY system.
2. Submit Sales and refund reports to HDQ Revenue on dailyl basis.
3. Cargo GSA/CSA to submit sales reports on Fortnightly/Weekly basis. Follow up for the same and record the same into EASY system. 
4. Inform the FM or FC if there is any delay in settlement from GSA / BSP / CASS / Agents / Credit card companies.
5. Monitor Bank Guarantee expiry dates and evaluate the exposure levels vis-à-vis the bank guarantee level. Any shortfall in bank guarantee levels should be discussed with FM or FC.
6. Prepare official receipts for all funds received at the station. Daily collections should be banked into Sales collection Account on the same day or the following day. 
7. Prepare Customer reconciliation statements.
8. Prepare Sales collection bank reconciliation on monthly basis. Any discrepancies noted in the reconciliation should be addressed appropriately through the FC or FM.
9. Control the stock of Revenue documents at the station and maintain proper stock records for these transactions in Inventory Module.
3-5 years experience in Accounting and Finance. Airline experience in expenditure and revenue accounting fields preferable.
1. Bachelor Degree in Accounting or Finance or any equivalent degree. 
2. Possess Good Accounting knowledge
3. Fluency in written and spoken English
Note: you will be required to attach the following:
1. Resume / CV
2. Passport-size photograph
3. Highest education certificate
4. Passport Copy