Division: Technical
Location: Bahrain - Head Quarter
Department: Technical Planning & Materials
Closing Date: 30-Mar-2023
Main Objectives:
1. Manage the movement of unserviceable components through the normal repair cycle, including core returns and main base kit replenishments with the respective contractors.
2. Ensure all component repair activities including disposal of such as deemed necessary are in accordance with Gulf Air Policy and Procedures.
3. Manage the safekeeping of records related to all repair activity thus ensuring full transparency and audit trail compliance with regards to Bahrain Government Tender Board committee and Gulf Air Purchasing Procedures and Policies.
4. Control all Warranty Claims associated with component repairs.
Main Duties:
1. Manage all functions of related to component repair cycle management to ensure all components are processed on time, assets are returned from repair to replenish the stock, and BER parts are endorsed for disposal.
2. Manage the on-time replenishment of main base kits parts to optimize the operational support and establish a strict monitoring of core returns to avoid undue penalties to Gulf Air. Ensure all O&A quotations and invoices are reviewed and challenged.
3. Ensure all order types raised through technical repairs are in accordance with Gulf Air Policy and Procedures including contractual conditions to maintain traceability.
4. Ensure that repair agencies are established in accordance with Gulf Air Quality Assurance Department requirements in addition to satisfying Bahrain Authority Regulations.
5. Ensure all correspondence between Gulf Air and repair agencies are documented and recorded against individual repair order number. Maintain transparency at all times and consistently monitor repair order activity so as to ensure that company interests and policy are maintained.
6. Liaise with Engineering or Workshop for any component repair work scopes related to modification programs, seed units, and components monitored due to air safety reports, MOR investigations or insurance claims.
7. Ensure all repair quotations are fully evaluated within set standards. Challenge quotations as necessary by seeking inputs from Engineering, Material Planning or from Maintenance teams.
8. Liaise with Repair agencies in support of rejections or queries raised by Stores Inspectors so as to ensure closure of discrepancies are cleared with minimum delay.
9. Liaise with the Gulf Air Finance Department so as to ensure all associated invoices are authorized and processed for payment for the avoidance of credit hold situations. Request advance payment transfers from Finance as deemed necessary.
10. Process Scrap replacement requests to Technical Materials Planner with full supporting data in order to initiate necessary replenishment.
11. Ensure all components subject to warranty are coordinated with Warranty Specialist for proper handling. If necessary, liaise with the manufacturer or repair agency for warranty adjudication, including RMA authority and use of vendor shipping account to return warranty parts.
12. Ensure components under repair whether in-house or foreign are returned to stock within the standard shop process time. Ensure all TAT exceedance are investigated and coordinated in a timely manner with the concerned shop or vendor.
13. Ensure all repairs are supported with the right certification and shop report, including TSN/CSN data as applicable.
14. Conduct a regular evaluation of parts sent to foreign repair and recommend for possible contractual coverage to take advantage of price volume, improved TAT and better warranty coverage.
15. Ensure all component discrepancies are recorded and reported via TOR in a timely manner.
16. Carry out specific Projects as related to Technical Materials Department repairs as requested by Senior Management.

Minimum of 5 years of experience in airline Repair Cycle Management, preferably with experience in pool management, warehouse management, warranty and orders management.

a. Bachelor Degree holder.
b. Knowledge in inventory management.
c. Knowledge of Health and Safety Regulations, including Dangerous Goods Regulations.
d. Knowledge of Airworthiness Authority Regulations pertaining to Component Certifications and Supplier Selections.
e. Concepts of aircraft systems and maintenance activities.
f. Familiar with manufacturer’s technical publications and provisioning terminology.
g. Knowledge of Bahrain Government Tender Board Policy and Regulation.

Note: you will be required to attach the following:
1. Resume / CV
2. Copy of proof qualification
3. Passport copy