Division: Technical
Location: Bahrain - Head Quarter
Department: Technical Planning & Materials
Closing Date: 30-Mar-2023
Main Objectives:
1. Manage 24/7 AOG DESK operation ensuring timely response and on all AOG and critical demands.
2. Engage operational meetings to get the latest maintenance debriefing.
3. Ensure sourcing, placement of orders and deliveries are done in a timely manner to meet operational demands. Maintain a regular reporting system to update all concerned about the status of demands.
4. Maintain a robust monitoring system to track the service level performance of 3rd party contractors to ensure support is provided within contractual levels.
Main Duties:
1. Manage all functions related to AOG Desk 24/7 operation ensuring all AOG and Critical demands are processed in a timely manner in order to meet the operational deadlines.
2. Maintain a robust reporting system to update management and stakeholders about the status of each AOG and Critical demand.
3. Engage in the daily operational meetings with MCC to discuss and optimize the best possible support that can be extended to recover AOG situations or minimize operational delays.
4. Engage in the regular technical delay meetings to analyze data, inputs and shortfalls in order to put forward recommendations and improvements to preclude similar events happening in the future.
5. Engage a weekly meeting with contracted Pool providers to ensure commitments are met and remedies are provided for parts with supply related issues.
6. Develop spares protection strategies by evaluating potential pooling, spares support / access strategies with operators, and establishes a network of contacts within the geographical locations.
7. Consistently monitor all AOG and Critical Order to ensure vendor commitments are met, lead time are not exceeded and logistics coordination is optimized to ensure the on-time delivery of parts to Bahrain or any other locations specified by the requestor.
8. Ensure all orders are placed only to vendors approved by Gulf Air Quality Assurance Department. Orders placed to a non-registered vendor due to hard AOG situation must be renormalized immediately with Gulf Air Quality Assurance Department.
9. Ensure all correspondence between Gulf Air and vendors are documented and recorded against individual order number. Maintain transparency at all times and consistently monitor order activity so as to ensure that company interests and policy are maintained.
10. Conduct a periodic analysis of AOG demands and liaise with Technical Material Planning to provision a sufficient stock level to minimize AOG demands and improve the operational support.
11. Establish robust monitoring system to track the service level performance of vendors and 3rd party contractors to ensure support is provided within agreed parameters. Initiate meetings as deemed necessary to correct shortfalls in order to improve the support.
12. Establish a robust contact list of vendors, suppliers, MRO and operators accessible to AOG Administration at all times.
13. Liaise with the Gulf Air Finance Department so as to ensure all associated invoices are authorized and processed for payment for the avoidance of credit hold situations. Request advance payment transfers from Finance as deemed necessary.
14. Prepare and submit the BTB Quarterly Report of AOG purchases to management on a timely manner.
15. Conduct pricing negotiations, credit line and account limits with vendors and suppliers as deemed necessary. Consider the most cost-effective means when purchasing parts and coordinating logistics requirements.
16. Ensure internal processes and procedures are met when supporting other operators through purchase, exchange or loan of Gulf Air parts and assets. Ensure billings are accomplished accurately and coordinated with Finance in a timely manner.
17. Establish a robust reporting and monitoring system to track the internal performance of concerned Technical Materials sections in terms of commitments and service levels set by contracted parties by Gulf Air.
18. Perform other related duties as may be directed by the Manager.

Minimum 5 years’ experience in airline AOG Desk Management, preferably with experience in material planning, component repairs management, warehouse management, and warranty and orders management.
a. Degree in engineering or equivalent, with knowledge in aircraft systems and maintenance activities.
b. Knowledge in inventory management.
c. Knowledge of aircraft technical publications including IPC and CMMs.
d. Knowledge of Airworthiness Authority Regulations pertaining to Materials.
e. High command in English, both in oral in written.
f. Excellent skills in computer.
Note: you will be required to attach the following:
1. Resume / CV
2. Copy of proof qualification
3. Passport copy