Division: Technical
Location: Bahrain - Head Quarter
Department: Technical Planning & Materials
Closing Date: 30-Mar-2023
Main Objectives:
Manage operational assets and EOL component requirements, analyze prevailing market trends, and decide the retention and retirement of asset based on the usage, applicability and value to achieve the best available net returns and control risks.
Main Duties:
1. Manage the development of processes and methodologies to achieve the goals and objectives of the department.
2. Comply with the company’s safety standards, personnel policies and procedures.
3. Perform other related duties as may be directed by the Manager.
4. Manage all functions related to the management of technical assets under Technical Materials in order to optimize the full investment and life cycle of component. Act as a focal point for technical material assets with Gulf Air Assets team.
5. Conducts system-wide approach to enhance the acquisition, provisioning and disposal of assets.
6. Maintain a robust monitoring system to track the movement of component issuance and returns.
7. Recommend float increase and scrap replenishments as deemed necessary to maintain a sufficient stock to support the operation.
8. Manage the disposal of assets by ensuring all actions are recorded and internal procedures are followed.
9. Organize the posting of surplus parts for sale in aerospace aftermarket platforms.
10. Participate in component reliability meetings to understand changes, modifications, upgrades, corrective actions and implementation of campaigns.
11. Engage the manufacturer, suppliers or repair entities as deemed necessary to improve their support, lead time and turn-around-time to maximize the investments and assets.
12. Create a robust monitoring system to track the performance of vendors and service providers to get their optimum service.
13. Participate in vendor evaluations to ensure performance are conveyed properly.
14. Support warranty and insurance claims on technical matters as deemed necessary.
15. Supervise the review, planning, provisioning and replacement of components related to end-of-lease projects by ensuring contractual requirements are met and core returns are processed in a timely manner.
16. Generate multiple KPI reports to track internal productivity and performance.
17. Prepare Business Case for component repairs, exchange, loans and purchases requiring higher management approval or the Bahrain Tender Board approval.
18. Conduct a monthly review of parts created in the system to ensure material categorization is accurate.
19. Participate in budget deliberations to ensure annual projected demands are covered and optimized.
Minimum 5 years of experience in airline Inventory Management, preferably with experience in material planning, assets management, component repairs management, warehouse management, and warranty and orders management.

a. Degree in engineering or equivalent, with knowledge in aircraft systems and maintenance activities.
b. Knowledge in inventory management.
c. Knowledge of aircraft technical publications including IPC and CMMs.
d. Knowledge of Airworthiness Authority Regulations pertaining to Materials.
e. High command in English, both in oral in written.
f. Excellent skills in computer.

Note: you will be required to attach the following:
1. Resume / CV
2. Copy of proof qualification
3. Passport copy