Division: Technical
Location: Bahrain - Head Quarter
Department: Technical Planning & Materials
Closing Date: 08-May-2023
Main Objectives:
To ensure aircraft materials received into the company technical stores conform to the standards and procedures established by the Gulf Air Technical Department and Quality System. This in order to satisfy airworthiness regulatory requirements for the acceptance of aircraft parts.

To ensure parts that do not conform to acceptable standards due to condition, certification or other reasons are quarantined and not accepted into stores.

To Ensure that parts subject to calibration or shelf life are identified upon receipt and controlled on the Inventory control system.
Main Duties:
Inspect all aircraft parts, components, materials and tools received from approved suppliers or repair agencies and confirm that they satisfy the requirements of the Gulf Air Technical Procedures for acceptance of aircraft parts as required by FAA, EASA and BCAA regulations. Review any Airworthiness Directives applicable.

After satisfactory inspection, issue and attach serviceable labels or component tags and ensure each are identified with a unique batch number or GRN number in order to have full traceability. The Computerized Inventory control system generated batch number to be used with the stores inspection approval number recorded on each transaction..

File all related incoming approved certificates with the unique batch files and attach copies of the Form 1 or Certificate with each unit, along with the serviceable tag.

Carry out Physical inspection for correct part number, serial number, damage, correct blanking, inhibition, corrosion, quantity, dimensions, coding and packing.

Raise discrepancy reports and route to Technical Buyers or Component Repair Specialists as necessary. These are for parts which do not conform to inspection criteria and could be as a result (but not limited) to the following reasons;- Incorrect part number or serial number, excess qty, short supply, damage, not blanked or prepared for storage, no outstanding orders, and items received without acceptable documentation.

Maintain and control a stores quarantine system for parts that do not conform to acceptable standard. Reflect quarantine parts on the inventory control system under dedicated bin locations.

Raise mandatory notifications to the GF QA Department in accordance with Gulf Air Technical Procedures for parts considered bogus or a threat to aircraft safety,

Carry out periodical inspection of Bonded, Dope, Oil, Tyre, Engine and Surplus Stores to monitor shelf life of parts and to ensure that they are maintained as per standards laid down by Gulf Air Technical Procedures, the Airworthiness authority requirements and manufacturer recommendations.

Inspect components received on loan from other carriers and also parts received after repair from Gulf Air workshops and raise necessary serviceable labels annotated with unique batch number and stores inspection stamp. To be accepted in accordance with Gulf Air Technical Procedures.

Inspect un-used parts returned to stock and ensure acceptance in accordance with Gulf Air Policy and Procedures.

Inspect life and condition details of surplus parts prior to sale and update the system records accordingly.

To archive appropriate records as required by Gulf Air and regulatory Authorities.

Assist with the preparation and progress of Gulf Air QA Audits and Regulatory authority audits of stores areas.
5 years experience as an airline or MRO stores inspector.
Previous experience of handling aircraft parts in particular ESD items.
Previous experience of controlling shelf life and calibration.
Previous experience of Audit support and follow-ups.

Bachelor’s Degree/Higher National Diploma.
Quality Assurance approval associated with stores inspection.
Knowledge of Technical Publications and review of Airworthiness Directives.
Knowledge of Health and Safety Regulations.
Knowledge of Dangerous Goods Regulations.
Knowledge of Airworthiness Authority Regulations pertaining to Materials and Stores.

Note: you will be required to attach the following:
1. Resume / CV
2. Copy of proof qualification
3. Passport copy